Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Un aquarelle pour le journal Estado de Minas


Anonymous said...

excelentes trabajos!!!!
un abrazo

Mauricio said...

Oui, oui!!

Sempre ótimo. Tudo tranquilo por minas gerais? espero que com muito trabalho e paz.


Lilyan said...

...woaw ...!!
What adiscovery ,Lelis ! ...it 's 03.17am ,and you made my night by the colours/ universe /energy/ ideas there are in your drawings !

I just felt in love for what you do,Lelis... A real "coup de coeur" ... something for what I don't have the exact words,but...

Obrigado !

Gilberto Valadares said...

Lindos trabalhos Lelis, parabéns.

Albert Sorrentino Jr. said...

AMAZING!! As always!
I love the patterns and shadows!!